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It is a given that for a lot of people MMA is all about those devastating knockouts you simply don’t get to see in many other sports. The grappling aspect of it is not always as flashy, and it is generally a lot more of a cleaver and tactical game. However, as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter and a MMA enthusiast, I have to say that there is something beautiful about a surprising last minute submission. Call me crazy, but I think even a well set-up rear naked choke is a lot more entertaining than most of the knockouts out there. I have trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for quite some time and I know how panic-inducing it is to get trapped in a submission. I also know how great it feels to land a great submission and tap someone out.

For those who share my excitement for submissions in MMA, I would like to show you a list with 10 of the most incredible submissions you will ever watch. Most of the fighters on this list practiced that technique hundreds of times before hitting them in a real fight. A few others simply went with their gut and pulled off some of the most jaw-dropping submissions in MMA history!

1. Flying Scissor Heel Hook. Anderson Silva gets submitted?

I wanted to start this list big and here it is. This submissions is exactly what I was talking about, Anderson Silva was completely dominating the fight when he gets caught by a surprising flying scissor heel hook.  This is one of the few losses in Anderson Silva’s career, the current UFC Middleweight Champion.


2. Fantastic Inverted Gogoplata.

Call it whatever you want, inverted gogoplata, gogoplata from the mount, Aokiplata, this was a truly incredible submission nonetheless, yet to be repeated in MMA.


3. That was quick.

Rumina Sato controls his opponent’s arm, breaks his posture and jumps for a flying armbar, submitting his opponent in less than 6 seconds! Winning the fight and writing his name in MMA history!


4.Sleep tight.

In the second round of this exciting fight, Toby Imada gets picked up by Jorge Masvidal and applies a crazy inverted triangle choke, choking his opponent out.That submission won the Submission of the Year award in 2009.


5.Korean Zombie’s Twister.

The twister is a spinal lock that we do not get to see all the time in MMA, but there is certainly no denying how effective this submission is. Once you get caught in one these the only way out is to tap.

6.Bizzare Knee lock, That Has Got to Hurt.

After missing with a kick, Mike Brown wraps himself around his opponent’s legs and lands an impressive knee lock, with a set-up similar to a heel hook, breaking his opponent’s knee and finishing the fight.

7.That’s a Tight One.

Brad Prickett pulls off an awesome Peruvian necktie, submitting his opponent and winning the Submission of the night honours.

8- Didn’t See That Coming.

After getting taken down, Nick Diaz traps his opponent’s right arm, slides his left foot under Gomi’s chin, steps his other leg over and submits him with an incredibly tight gogoplata.

9. Ouch! Kimuras are Dangerous.

In this fight, Sakuraba defends a body lock by attacking with a kimura, taking Renzo Gracie down and breaking his arm on the impact.

10.Best Reversal Submission in MMA.

One of the most interesting and exciting MMA fights I have ever watched. As a Brazilian MMA enthusiastic I remember being on the edge of my seat during this entire fight. In the middle of the first round Antonio Nogueira is able to stun Frank Mir by landing some big blows and tries to finish the fight with a guillotine. However, Frank Mir is able to recover, he then escapes the guillotine, gets on top and applies an amazing kimura lock, breaking Antonio Nogueira’s arm and winning the fight with the best submission reversal ever seen in MMA. In my opinion, Antonio Nogueira made a huge mistake in this fight; he should have secured the win by TKO instead of going for a fancy guillotine, especially against Frank Mir, who happens knows a thing or two about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Please let me know what you think.

I really hope you enjoyed the list, what were your favorite submissions? Please let me know on the comment section bellow.

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  1. Number 6 isn’t mike brown, it’s masakazu imanari and it’s an inverted shot into a very shallow heel hook.

    • You are right. I double-checked and that was Masakazu Imanari. Mike Brown is actually on the receiving end of that submission. Sorry for the mistake.

      Also, this is a very unusual submission, I was not really sure what to call it. The set-up is very similar to a inverted heel hook, but the attack is slightly different since he is not hooking the heel.

      Thank you very much for the feedback!

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