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Call me sick, call me perverse, however there is nothing sweeter than seeing a well timed kick hit its mark and knock someone out. I have trained in Taekwondo for many years so I know how painful some Taekwondo techniques are when they land. I also know how great it feels to land a great kick on someone else.

For those of you who share my love of knockouts, today I would like to share with you 25 of the best Taekwondo knockouts you will find online. With some of these knockouts, you could tell they were coming. With others, you are left scratching your head afterwards wondering how it even crossed the fighter’s mind to throw such a kick.

I hope you enjoy the list 🙂

1. Beautiful Spinning Back Kick

A reminder to us all why you should always keep your guard up!

2. Bizarre Knockout

This has to be one of the most bizarre kicks I have seen in Taekwondo.

3. Reverse Kick of Doom

This is a great example of the power you can get from a spinning reverse. Just listen to how loud the kick is when it lands.

4. Surprise Surprise!

When I first watched this video, I assumed the fighter who was keeping a low posture was about to get knocked out. Look how he uses the guys own body to line up his kick.

5. The Long Kiss Goodnight

A pretty uneventful fight until a spinning reverse kick catches the other fighter off guard.

6. From Mongolia, With Love

After missing with a 360, the fighter lands a sweet left turning kick.

7. Allow Me to Return the Favour

The KO came after dodging a great kick from the other fighter. I have no idea why he has the Karate Kid style bandana on.

8. I Smoke Rocks

A young Joe Rogan wins with a powerful spinning back kick.

9. Peekaboo

A beautiful spinning reverse that catches the other fighter completely by surprise.

10. Falling Down

Aaron Cook from the UK knocks out Steven López from the USA in the 1st Mexican World Taekwondo Tour (Nov 2009). The KO actually comes when Aaron is falling to the ground.

11. Double Trouble

Double knockouts are extremely rare in Taekwondo…though that’s what we have here.

12. Touch of Death

Chan Sung Chung knocks out his opponent with his very first kick.

13. A Stranger is Just a Friend You Have Never Met

This fighter was too busy trying to touch gloves to notice the flying tornado kick swinging towards his head.

14. Lumberjack

After being started again by the referee, the more aggressive fighter lands a beautiful axe kick.

15. There’s a Tornado a Coming

A sweet tornado kick that completely messed up the recipient.

16. From the Heavens

This fight goes really slowly until a well-timed axe kick ended the show.

17. The Iceman

A great double kick which knocked out his opponent. Sad to see the guy twitching when he landed cold.

18. El Guapo

A muay thai fight in Bangkok in which one of the fighters has a background in Taekwondo. Check out the liver shot he lands to KO the local.

19. Buenas Noches

What starts off with light kicks to the mid-section soon turns into a devastating spinning kick to the temple.

20. Killer Kick

It is always great to see Taekwondo used in professional fighting. In this clip, the fighter lands a beautifully timed tornado kick that knocks the opponent clean out.

21. Beginner’s Luck

This is one of the most surprising knockouts you will ever see. Two yellow belts are throwing light kicks to each others waist for a few minutes…and then…

22. Hollywood Hogan

What I found interesting about this knockout was not the double kick that landed, it was the Hulk Hogan-esque pose the stance the fighter did over his opponent’s body after he knocked him out.

23. Little & Large

One of the most bizarre knockout kicks you will ever see. I could watch this all day!

24. Sweet Revenge

A slow fighter pays the fight for being too relaxed in the ring.

25. Taking Advantage

This is an interesting KO that should split opinions here. The two fighters get into a clinch and the referee splits them up. The fighter in red turns around and the fighter in blue knocks him out. Apparently, this was legal, though I believe the blue fighter was a scumbag for doing this as the other fighter clearly wasn’t ready. I think the referee needs to take some blame for this too. What do you think: was this fair or not?

What was your favourite Taekwondo knockout? Please let us know in the comment area 🙂


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6 replies to this post
  1. Hey, Kevin. The #8 video of Rogan was shot by a friend of mine when we were at the 1987 US Cup in Hartford, CT. I emailed this clip to Rogan a few months ago. Glad to see it’s gone (semi) viral! Regards, John D’Amario – 6th dan

  2. My opinion on #25: Yes, this guy was wrong for what he did. I witnessed an even more blatant one when Mark Williams did it to a guy at the US Cup back in about 1991. The ref separated the two fighters, one wasn’t looking because he wasn’t ready to resume, and Williams swiftly kicks him in the head with a cheap shot roundhouse and knocks him out.

    • Yeah it’s a scumbag move. I’m surprised the referee didn’t do anything about it though he should have separated the fighters properly.

      This kind of thing can cause a riot. I could understand coaches coming into the ring pissed off after seeing something like that happen. Did you witness anything like that back in 1991?

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