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Home Dojo An Analysis of Martial Styles: The Villains of Batman

As a long-time nerd who has hero-worshiped Batman ever since his Golden Age adventures I’ve often wondered about the formal courses of instruction his opponents underwent to learn their fighting skills. While Batman’s epic abilities have been explained in all the media he has ever appeared in, precious little has ever been mentioned about his Super Foes. This analysis will serve to bring to light the secrets of these malcontents, in the hopes that Batman (or one of his countless admirers) will have a little more knowledge the next time they’re out on patrol.

The Joker

Physical Condition: Lean; lightly muscled but seems to use them efficiently enough (madman’s strength); can go long periods in isolation (meditation skills?). Acid scars on face.

Mental State: Are you kidding? He’s the freakin’ JOKER!  Narcissistic, psychotic and quite insane.

Main Style: MMA (Maniac Martial Arts) – looks somewhat like Drunken Style Kung Fu, but more focused, as if he uses uppers instead of alcohol

Signature move: Psycho Slam


Physical Condition: Half good, half not-so-good. Poor peripheral vision on left side. Decent build.

Mental State: Epitomizes the Yin/Yang Theory – everything has two sides and Fate decides his course of action. May follow Taoist philosophy. Half crazy, half sane.

Main Style: No discernible style except for small bits of Gun-Fu – prefers to hit and run away.

Signature Move: Coin Flip

The Penguin

Physical Condition: Short, morbidly obese (BMI: 72), elongated nose, flippered hands, often seen wearing glasses, “waddling” gait.

Mental State: Napoleon Complex, has a liking for aquatic fowl habitats. Sociophobe.

Main Style: Weapon-based (multiple umbrellas)

Signature Move: Parasol of Death


Physical Condition: Superb. Agile and flexible, skilled in acrobatics, always lands on feet.

Mental State: Morally ambiguous, has weakness for winged vigilantes. Hard-core ailurophile.

Main Style: Appears to be Ninjutsu. Expert with hand talons and whip.

Signature Move: The Pussy Whip


Physical Condition: Beyond superb, but relies upon Venom (steroidal compound). Father was martial arts master King Snake.

Mental State: Confused and drug-addled. He has changed allegiances frequently.

Main Style: Jailhousejitsu – “dirty” fighting. Often uses shiv (knife) hidden in teddy bear.

Signature Move: The Backbreaker

Poison Ivy

Physical Condition: Great abs, immune to all known poisons, prone to fungal infections.

Mental State: Insane. Thinks she’s solely responsible for saving plant and animal life on Earth.

Main Style: Vineido, poison administration

Signature Move: The Poison Ivy Wrap

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