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Arnis is a great subset under the Filipino Martial Arts umbrella. This art can be applied to any weapon or hand to hand combat due to it’s practical and effective combat system. In fact, the Spaniards banned this style when they had the Philippines under their rule. This style also known as the extension of the arm has a very long history which dates back to even the 1500s. The concept is based on angles rather than styles. This particular art teaches you how to defend against a certain way someone attacks you because it applies to a stick, knife, or any other kind of weapon. You’ll learn how to also use the angles and movements against your adversary. Here are 8 fundamental techniques to help you:

1. Introduction Into Modern Arnis

Here’s a good introduction into angles (45 degrees) and how to use that leverage to create a measurement of PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch). As you can see in the video, you wield your weapon with one hand to either attack or use it as a set up for a parry. This way your other hand is free for grabbing or closing the deal on your opponent.

2. Two Stick Twirling and Two Stick Striking

This is a nice video into using your foundation about angles and how to strike with the leverage you get from your point of impact. This short video shows you different ways you can twirl to not only increase your mobility and speed, but find a great way to distract your opponent. It also briefly shows you how to use both sticks in a certain rhythm that even has a specific stance for both sides.

3. Two Stick Striking, Blocking, Parrying, and Two Stick Disarming

You’ll always need a great way to disarm or parry the attacks of your adversary. You never know the true intent of your attacker, so it’s always wise to be prepared. What I really enjoy about this clip is finding good avenues toward getting yourself out of sticky situations. For example if you are trying to attack your opponent and he blocks or grabs you, you can use your leverage to help grab him and disarm or stop his movement.

4. One Stick Advance Striking, and Advance Blocking

This is a bit more advanced and deadly if you will. In more dire situations, you may have an ordeal where you have to stop your opponent from advancing. There are specific blocks that will disarm and disable your enemy so you can hit their temples for a quick getaway. Or if they are armed with a deadly weapon, you can even paralyze them to really stop the threats. The key with Arnis is to be one step ahead of your adversary.

5. Figure 8 and Reverse Figure 8 Training

This helps you for your mobility and setting up for more advanced forms of parrying. You’ll find ways to disarm your opponents and bigger targets to set up more connections. You’ll see in this video that a good foundation in Figure 8 will help you get closer to your opponent so you can seize the moment and fully take control of the situation. Overall, a good short instructional video.

6. Classical Abanico and Pilantik

This is a perfect tactic for getting low to the body with your blocks and body blows. The focus is on hitting the arms and shoulders. Also, you want to find good positions to help you with the right movement to get a good lead in your take downs. This type of grappling tactic will only help you to become more efficient in your fighting system.

7. Double Sero and Sungketi

You’ll learn great Sungketi drills to disarm your opponent and quickly take out oncoming opponents. You definitely need this in your arsenal because there are some keen counters and grappling techniques when you are stuck in certain situations. You’ll be able to think on your feet and help from getting choked or put in a situation where you do not have the upper hand.

8. Espada Y Daga

This tactic is all about disarming, getting your opponent into a lock and really using their own energy against them. Even if they have a knife, you can disarm them or even find a way to use their own knife for a quick stab. It’s all about using the least amount of work to produce the best results.

9. One Stick Disarming and Counter Disarming

This is a great video because it shows you the weakness of attacking certain places. If you have your opponent in a downward push, it’s better to have a great grip and strike the weapon near your opponents hand. You’ll have a greater chance of disarmament and go in for an opening strike as well as a good lock to get the upper hand.

10. Doblete, Triplete, and Banda Y Banda

This particular tactic teaches you how to get in and out really quick for a double or triple strike. You’ll find good ways to block in lead in your strikes from the head, chest, and groin. Whether your point of attack is for a quick getaway or getting control, this is a fast and precise methodology.

Whether you study Arnis, Kali or any other Filipino Martial Art, you’ll find these are some of the most effective and practical techniques especially in a street fight. You can apply this knowledge and wield any weapon for basically the same results. What are some ways you disarm your opponent and get control of your ordeal?

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