Martial Arts Videos
Author Guidelines

This page contains information for everyone who writes for Martial Arts Videos.

General Guidelines

  • Please only assign posts to one category.
  • Be proud that you write for Martial Arts Videos and add a link to your author profile to your online bios and websites.
  • Authors are allowed up to two links in their bio. Feel free to link to your website, Twitter account or Facebook page.
  • Authors should remember that when they write for Martial Arts Videos, they represent us. Any author that is found to be abusing readers via the comment area or using racist remarks will be banned from the site indefinitely and will be taken off the writing team (in other words, don’t be an A’hole!).

Formatting Guidelines

It is important that all authors adhere to our formatting guidelines.

  • Header Tags – Use H2 tags for headers and H3 tags for sub-headers.
  • Write Content Headers in Title Case – All headers within your article should be in title case. You can use the free tool at to convert your titles if you are unsure of how to do this.
  • Images Format – Images should be uploading in PNG format and should be maximised for use on the net.
  • Image Width – Images within posts should be no wider than 650 pixels in width. Make sure you insert the full image and not just the thumbnail.
  • Inserting Images – All images should be uploaded to and have the title and alt fields completed. You should not just simply use the image file name and you should never hotlink an image from another website. Do not link to images within articles. Captions can be used to add a description of an image underneath.
  • Unique Images – Only ever use public domain images. We can be sued if you use images illegally.
  • Featured Images – Featured images should be exactly 700×406 pixels in size.
  • Embedding Videos – You should embed videos using a width of 640 pixels. This ensures that videos are displayed properly within our design.
  • Video Quality – Try and only use videos that have at a quality of at least 480p. Poorer quality videos tend to look blurry.
  • Article Titles – Should be no longer than 70 characters.
  • Quoting – If you are quoting an article you read, link to the article in question when you do so. Not only is this good karma, it allows our readers to read the article you were referring to.