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Home Striking Wushu Changquan Ji Ben Gong (Northern Long Fist)

Changquan (“Long Fist”) is an external Northern Chinese style of kung fu that is characterized by long-range techniques that utilize fully-extended kicks and strikes. Ji Ben Gong is the grouping-together of all the basic Wushu forms, movements and drills, so Changquan Ji Ben Gong is the collection of Long Fist techniques that are used in Wushu exhibitions.

This is generally a style for younger, more flexible and energetic students as opposed to a style such as Yang Taijiquan. Weaponry is also used in these performances and can be quite impressive if not exactly application-oriented.

Changquan Jibengong 1

Changquan Jibengong 2

Changquan Jibengong 3

Changquan Jibengong 4

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