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cung le vs shamrock

Cung Le is known for his mixed martial arts (MMA) and packing a wallop with his powerful kicks on screen in big action roles. He had a great record (7-1) in his Strikeforce fights before it became defunct in January 2013. When it came to MMA, all of his wins were through knockouts. Recently, he’s utilized these incredible skills in big movie roles such as The Man with the Iron Fists, The Grandmaster, and Tekken to name a few. His dynamic skill set and fighting tactics has helped him become a good action star in his own right. Here are 6 great fighting scenes for your enjoyment!

1. Cung Le vs Donnie Yen

This is an awesome scene from Bodyguards and Assassins. You can never go wrong with a scene that has Donnie Yen fighting. He’s just that guy to take an action scene from 100% to 200%. Le is no slouch, either! He’s goes after Yen with some brutal moves. Although this scene has great choreography and wire work, I definitely appreciate the raw combat such as the chase down, wall fight, and grabbing. I love when elements of real fighting gets in action movies. They were literally neck and neck until Donnie Yen came out with some hard knock punches to Le’s face. Overall, this was an incredible scene.

2. Bronze Lion

This is one of the best openings ever for a recent martial arts film. I mean, early Wu-Tang Clan plus a tribute to early kung fu flicks – you just can’t go wrong! RZA was great as far as putting excellent music in this film and made the fights seem much more intense. A good soundtrack is missing in a lot of films these days. Cung Le plays a character named Bronze Lion, who is a lieutenant of the Lion Clan.

He shows why he’s not to be messed with by literally tearing the flesh off all that oppose his sacred clan. This movie is all action and very retro-like of your favorite kung fu subs from back in the day. The plot was a bit misdirected, but the action made up for the lack in a well planned story. Either way, just take the movie for what it’s worth and have a great time watching. Enjoy the action in The Man with the Iron Fists.

3. Fighting

The premise of Fighting is based around Sean MacArthur (Channing Tatum) a street hustler who ends up in sort of an underground world of cash fights. I would definitely not want to be on the business end of Le’s deadly blows. In this short minute of footage, you see Cung Le playing a hard knock character named Dragon Lee. Le beats the snot out of Tatum with powerful strikes and great take downs. Can’t knock Tatum for trying. Word of advice to Tatum: stick to dancing :). Leave the pulverizing to Le.

4. Marshall Law vs Jin Kazama

This is the Tekken live action film released back in 2010. We have the prodigy and inheritor of the Mishima devil curse, Jin Kazama (Jon Foo). We have the veteran Tekken fighter on the other side, Marshall Law (Cung Le). I would say this is one of the better scenes from this movie.

What Hollywood has to realize is by sticking to the story, you’ll have a better chance of actually pulling off video game movie adaptions better. This is a pretty good raw fight. I have to give the producers respect on that portion. Jin’s kick from the fence was great as well! It tied in the wall element featured in Tekken 4. Not a bad touch from the producers.

5. Yip Man vs Tuco Salamanca

The Grandmaster was realized earlier this year in China and smashed the box office with great success over there. It’s bound to be the same with the U.S. release. The story is based off Yip Man’s life in Foshan and Hong Kong. He goes out to form his own school but not without opposition from challengers. Cung Le plays a fighter named Tuco Salamanca and ends up fighting Yip Man (Tony Leung).

The rain and dark tone helps to set the scene. It brought the right type of ambiance to this incredible fight. This is an awesome cage fight and it’s quite refreshing to see Yip Man’s mastery of Wing Chun. Le displays some dynamic kicks and stunt work while Leung shows the power and calm fluidity of Wing Chun. Great scene of opposing styles!

6. Dark Assassin

There’s an interesting history to Jason Yee and Cung Le. Both fighters knew each other due to their pay-per-view event held in 1997. Yee and Le both brought Sanshou (a hybrid combat system developed by the Chinese military) to mainstream America. Le ended up winning the match but they meet up again in this great fight scene from Dark Assassin.

Right from the start, you see the Sanshou influence with grabbing and knees to the stomach. There’s a great amount of kickboxing and grappling in this hybrid form. The fighting, the aura, and suspense makes this an excellent scene. It’s a treat to see these two duke it out in a good combat sequence. I hope we get to see more of Yee’s talent in the movies very soon.

Although Cung Le is in his 40s, I’m definitely glad to see him develop progressively better in his action scenes. I believe he still has a lot left to offer. Bronze Lion is still my favorite role of Le’s because of how he tore his foes to pieces like a boss! What are some of your favorite Cung Le moments? Drop a note below and tell us what you think!

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