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Genki “The Neo Samurai” Sudo is a retired Japanese kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He is one of the world’s top elite fighters, and he didn’t stick to fighting in just one promotion either. Genki Sudo fought in the UFC, Pancrase, Rings, and K-1! These are all top tier promotions with the world’s best combatants. He knocked out Royler Gracie, submitted Rammon Dekkers, and even beat Butterbean with a heel hook.

Genki Sudo is no ordinary fighter; he would breakdance mid-fight, and was never afraid to go for “unconventional” attacks. Genki made a name for himself and wowed the crowds with his impressive flying armbars and consecutive spinning backfists, all mixed in with his impish antics. It would not be unusual to see Genki run from his opponent, only to bounce off the ropes like a pro-wrestling entertainer. Extravagent entrances to his fights are another of Genki’s trademark antics, similar again to the pro-wrestling entertainers.

Genki’s fight entrances are what I want to share with you today. Gloving up and walking in just isn’t enough for the “Transforming Trickster”. He has to have it all – backing dancers, sychronized moves, and he isn’t afraid of using smoke machines and pyrotechnics either. Many fighters like to put on a show before and during the fight, but in my opinion they all fall short of the fight entrance master, Genki Sudo.

1 Genki Sudo Entrance vs. Albert Kraus 2003

Facing off against a world elite striker, Genki Sudo would fight the 2002 K-1 MAX champion, Albert Kraus. This fight was in the tail end of 2003 and would go on to a hard fought decision in favour of the Dutchman, Kraus. It shows just how cool Genki Sudo is, being up against such a dangerous opponent and still dancing to the ring in style!

2 Genki Sudo Entrance vs. Butterbean 2003

This fight was on the 2003 K-1 Dynamite New Year’s Eve show. Genki was giving away over 100kg in this unusual match up with Eric Esch, more well known as “Butterbean”. The fight went as far as the second round, with Genki Sudo using hit and run tactics against the much larger and harder hitting Butterbean, before finally submitting him with a heel hook early in the second round. Some were to critisize Genki’s strategy of hit and run, but if you ask me it was the perfect choice against Eric.

3 Genki Sudo Entrance vs. Rammon Dekkers 2005

Genki Sudo was to face the late great Rammon “The Diamond” Dekkers in his only mixed martial arts bout; the fight was held in Japan back in 2005. Some striking was exchanged early, but the fight would not pass the first round. Genki was able to take control of the match on the ground, and he worked to win the competition by a submission via heel hook.

4 Genki Sudo Entance in K-1 Heroes 2005

In September 2005 Genki Sudo was to fight in the K-1 Heroes lightweight Grand Prix. He would win both of his fights, earning him a place in the final against Norifumi Yamamoto. His first fight on K-1 Heroes 3 was the quarter final against Kazayuki Miyata, where Genki would win in the second round via an armbar submission. On the same evening Genki would then fight Hiroyuki Takaya. The semi-final would also go no further than the second round, although this time Genki would win via a triangle choke submission. The final stage against Norifumi would be fought three months later on New Year’s Eve 2005; Genki would lose the final via TKO.

5 Genki Sudo Entrance vs. Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto 2005

This is the entrance to the final stage of the 2005 K-1 Heroes lightweight Grand Prix. Genki was facing Norifumi Yamamoto…and he came out riding a segway, I mean come on, who rides out to battle, dancing on a segway? Genki Sudo, that’s who! After his signature team de-robing, Genki dances his way to the ring with his synchronised entourage. He would, unfortunately, lose this fight via TKO, to punches from the explosive “Kid” Yamamoto.

6 Genki Sudo Entrance vs. Ole Laursen march 2006

In March of 2006 Genki was to confront Denmark’s Ole “Iron Fist” Laursen, and they would fight on the K-1 Heroes 4 promotion. The battle went the distance and after three 5-minute rounds, Genki would emerge victorious by a unanimous judges’ decision.

I just love this entrance, with the kung-fu drunken boxing, the well-timed back-up dancers, and Genki going on to fight the match wearing his kung-fu outfit. He would later say he found it restricting and felt that it was a mistake to wear it, but that’s style for you.

7 Genki Sudo’s Final Entrance vs. Damacio Page 2006

K-1 Premium Dynamite on New Year’s Eve 2006 was to be Genki Sudo’s final fight and with it, his final entrance. This one really pushes the boat out and fighters will have to go a long, long way to beat this amazing performer. Genki was fighting against Damacio Page and would submit him in the very first round with a great triangle choke.

This entrance is simply great – just check out his outfit! After being carried on by part of his team, Genki treats us to some of the best-ever synchronised dancing for a fight entrance. Genki Sudo is a truly amazing and original entertainer.

8 Genki Sudo Entrance Montage

Many great modern fighters have their own highlight videos, and Genki Sudo is no exception. Where he is an exception is his highlight videos of fight entrances! Forget knockout highlights, he has them. Forget submission highlights, Genki has already got them. Let me leave you with a Genki Sudo fight entrance montage. Some clips are from the entrances I have already shared, but many of his other flamboyant entrances are also included. Enjoy!

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