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Jackie Chan is not only a great fighter, choreographer, and fight comedian. He really gives you that incredible showmanship that makes you think he’s superhuman. A lot of martial artists do their own stunts, but not to the extent of this guy. He set a precedent in putting himself in rather dangerous situations. Sometimes, these stunts were so serious he was left with crazy injuries after the scene was over. Let’s go over some of these top moments:

1. Going Down a Giant Glass Slide

In Who Am I?, he has to devise a way to evade some henchmen. Chan goes down a rather steep 21 foot story ramp-shaped glass side. It’s a very risky stunt not only because of the length and steepness, but he runs a bit midway and falls back down for added effect. The multi angles, close ups, and faraway shots definitely add to his climactic stop. He stands abruptly on two feet right and holds onto something to stop the momentum.

2. Legs Dangle

This is a pretty interesting stunt from the movie, Supercop. He literally grabs hold of a helicopter and hangs on for dear life over hundreds of feet in the air. You could honestly say that he was taking a nice bumpy tour of Kuala Lumpur. You get a great aerial view of his stunt which makes you seriously say, “This guy is ridiculous!”

3. Chase and Grace

This is actually one of my favorite scenes. Some people say he had a French stuntman do some of the bike tricks. However, you can tell that Chan did some awesome work in his own right. There were great jumps, good evades, and the jump off the bike to land on top of the net at the end was spectacular! Great chase scene from Operation Condor.

4. Zapped on the Way Down

This is what you call straight up insanity! He really wanted to please his fans and you could see the intensity in how he hyped himself up to take this jump. In this scene of Police Story, Chan slides down a pole with real light bulbs around him. Not only did he get electrical shocks over his body, but he suffered second degree burns on his hands (tearing his skin off), a back injury which nearly paralyzed him and a pelvis injury! GEEZ! Talk about a serious pain threshold.

5.Clock Tower

While this may not look extremely impressive from the naked eye, realize he hung from a clock 60 feet in the air and dropped straight down with no protection. The two awnings slightly delayed the impact. He repeated this scene in Project A about 3 more times until he was satisfied. Crazy, right?

6. It’s Zorb Ball Time!

This is a pretty cool scene as Jackie goes down a huge hill in Operation Condor. One false move or bounce would not protect him from a fall on that type of hill. This scene definitely makes for a rather unique getaway from his foes.

7. Leap of Faith

Rumble in the Bronx was a film that re-introduced Jackie to mainstream America. Sure, he did a few American films in the 80s. However, this was his breakthrough role into Hollywood. They marketed Jackie as the guy who can do all of his own stunts. This film was actually shot in Canada, not the Bronx (movie magic for the win). However, it still gave him massive popularity as he started to foray into American films. Watch as Jackie leaps from one building into another without a wire.

8. Ladder Fight

This is a stellar scene from Jackie Chan’s First Strike. While this isn’t a huge jump, the choreography deserves serious recognition. From Jackie jumping inside the ladder to utilizing it as a weapon and evading his foes without getting harmed, it is a scene worth merit.

9. Blading Between Cars

This is a very unique scene in Winners and Sinners. Jackie does some extreme rollerblading by playing a Chinese Frogger (an awesome old school video game) bobbing and weaving through a bunch of traffic. He also ducks under a truck in the nick of time. This scene ends with an unbelievable car pile up.

10. Jump, Hang, Crash

In Armour of God, Jackie nearly loses his life by a severe head injury after jumping from a wall and hitting his head on a tree. He needed brain surgery after that traumatic scene. Luckily for us, we not only got to see this film completed, but even more great scenes and stunts. Take a look.

Jackie has slowed down from the death defying stunts these days but still remains to be a well decorated actor. He’s brought a lot of character, charisma, and joy to a lot of people through his awesome films.

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