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Jason Statham is one of those guys you just know when to keep your distance. When you talk about action scenes, you cannot create a list without mentioning this guy. With a career spanning over 15 years, he’s been in a number of action roles. From fight scenes with Jet Li, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, and Jean Claude Van Damme, he shows time and time again why he’s one of the baddest guys to star in an action movie. As a matter of fact, let’s cut straight to the chase. Here are 10 brutal fights from Jason Statham.

1. Killer Elite

This is a really nice infiltration scene where Statham plays an assassin named Danny Bryce. He has to not only save an assassin named Hunter, but complete Hunter’s mission worth $6 million. If he does not complete the mission, Hunter will be executed. This was a good gun fight scene because you can see the chemistry between Robert DeNiro and Statham. This is one of the better scenes in Killer Elite.

2. Parker

This is a pretty awesome scene from Parker. Statham plays a thief named Parker, who steals from the rich and stays away from the poor and innocent. Parker has a hit out on him, and Kroll (Daniel Bernhardt) devises a plan to lure Parker in a trap. Parker ends up in very brutal fight with great martial arts, knife fighting, and stunts. I love how this was a very raw scene using the shower curtain for suffocating and part of the bathroom toilet as a weapon. This was a great fight and showed how well Statham and Bernhardt worked together in an action scene.

3. Blitz

Word of advice: never pick a fight with Jason Statham unless you’re armed to the tee. While waking from his drunken stupor, he sees some young thugs breaking into a car outside. All of them attempt to rob him, but he easily embarrasses them with his hockey stick. Statham shows a bit of his “comedic” side in this opening scene. I have to say I would have hightailed out of town if I saw him walking down the street with that hockey stick. Major condolences goes out to the guy who unfortunately had quite a hard strike to the baby maker. What a very cool way to start off Blitz.

4. Garage Fight

This is one of my favorite scenes from Transporter 2. Statham shows why he’s such a boss. Over 10 people go after Statham armed with axes, hammer, swords, etc. Does this faze Statham? Not at all. He starts out with great hand combat and utilizes the environment around him to outwit his foes. Statham does some great choreography and stunt work in this all out brawl. The fight turns up a notch when Statham gets a metal pole and goes straight to work on his enemies. This is the Statham we know and love. Statham shows why he’s the definition of pure butt kick and take no prisoners! By the way, that fire hose work was the icing on a big slice of cake.

5. Redemption

In the 2013 film, Redemption, Statham plays a homeless, ex-special forces soldier named Joey. He happens to take on a whole new identity while lurking through London’s criminal underground territory. His first victims are the people that jumped him in the alley while he was down and out. He shows absolutely no remorse and teaches them a lesson they’ll never forget.

6. Jason Statham Saves Sylvester Stallone

As Stallone is about to executed at gunpoint, Statham saves him right in the nick of time by throwing a well placed knife at the gunman. From that point, it became a classic 90s style action scene with Statham and Stallone as the directors. What I really appreciate is the great chemistry these two have as they work the scene in good combat. This was a gem to see the old school mixed with the new school action. Great work by both actors in The Expendables.

7. Jason Statham vs Scott Adkins

What a brutal scene in The Expendables 2! Statham and Adkins fight to the end in a pretty evenly matched brawl. You couldn’t ask for a more intense short fight. The hand to hand combat turned into small weapons, which led to a rather interesting fatality. This is one of the stand out moments from The Expendables 2. Excellent work from both fighters.

8. Basketball Brawl

Yes, a typical game of basketball on a nice and sunny day with the wind blowing through your hair. Hmm, not so much :). Statham seeks out a guy at the basketball court after he finds his girlfriend with a bruise on her face. He found the person who did it, but the whole crew jumped in and got a piece of Statham’s wrath, too. Cool little brawl, but did he really have to deflate that perfectly good ball? Anyway, this was another classic scene from The Expendables.

9. Train Fight

This is pretty awesome train fight in Safe. We have Statham doing some bone breaking, great grabs, and kicks. A major condolence goes out to the one guy who smashes into the pole groin first. Not a pleasant wake up for him at all. He takes another guy out at point blank range. Everyone gasps but Statham reassures them that the guy had it coming. Yup, Statham went out like a boss in this scene.

10. High Voltage

How can I leave out Crank 2: High Voltage? The cops try to take down Statham while he’s making a run for it. They should have kept beating him with a baton, but they gave him extra adrenaline from a police taser. Bad move. All the cops got a taste of police brutality via Statham’s wrath. He even hijacked their squad car. Amy Smart also looks quite stellar in her own right.

These are just some of the great scenes we were able to witness from Statham. Statham is slated to play a villain in Fast & Furious 7. Also, he’s reprising his role in The Expendables 3. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming year from Statham. What were some of your favorite Statham films or action scenes? Drop a comment below!

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