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Jean-Claude Van Damme aka “The Muscles from Brussels” has an extensive career lasting nearly three decades. He got his start through Martial Arts and Bodybuilding. What a lot of people don’t know is he took ballet for a while. If you pay attention to his older movies, you can see the influence of ballet especially in his kicks. Within the past few years, his career has experienced quite the resurgence. Check out some of these great scenes:

1. Bloodsport

We’re starting this list off strong with a taste of Bloodsport! In this scene, we have Van Damme facing Bolo Yeung in a great kickboxing match. Bolo cheats by throwing some dust in Van Damme’s face. With the help of some blindfold training from his old teacher, Van Damme was able to defeat his foe by relying on his other senses.

2. Kick Connection

Cyborg or not, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of any Van Damme kicks. This was ak pretty cool idea to shoot in a post-apocalyptic world. I can’t believe this movie was shot for around $500,000. The rawness of this scene is something you just don’t see in films these days.

3. Fight to the Finish

This is the last scene of Kickboxer where Van Damme goes straight up Muay Thai. It’s even more savage because his fists are wrapped with glass and resin. This was a straight blood bath. To say his foe was quite menacing, would be putting it lightly. This was a nice fight to save the honor of his girlfriend and brother.

4. Bolo Again?

We have Van Damme and Bolo back at it again in this great fighting scene. Bolo is as brollic (to put it lightly) as they come. I would not want a huge can of flammable liquid thrown at me. I’ll tell you that. Lol. Van Damme does an array of nice roundhouse and trademark spin kicks. The ending result is quite explosive in Double Impact.

5. Guile vs. M. Bison

As much as I dislike this film, even I have to admit that Van Damme does some good fighting. The trademark ‘Flash Kick’ is the most believable special move they do in this movie. Word of the wise: please go see any of the Street Fighter anime movies or series. However, I have to give Raul Julia (RIP) the utmost respect for playing a solid M. Bison especially as his last movie role. This is definitely one of the better scenes in Street Fighter: The Movie.

6. Jean-Claude Van Damme Vs. Michael Jai White

Two guys at the top of their game just going at it blow for blow. A lot of good martial arts and cool crashes. You definitely get to see Michael Jai White start coming into his own as an actor. This was a pretty nice scene from Universal Soldier: The Return.

7. Splits and Kicks

This type of flexibility is amazing and painful I have to admit. In this scene of Timecop, Van Damme takes out three guys and save himself from electrocution by doing a front split to dodge the attack.

8. A Fight with a Penguin

Wow, who knew a penguin had fighting skills like this? I have to say this was one of the funnier scenes I’ve seen from Van Damme. All I can say about this scene is “Why is it so serious yet funny at the same time?” I wouldn’t be surprised if the chicken fight joke on Family Guy came from Sudden Death.

9. Van Damme vs Kilpatrick

This was a pretty good fight. Patrick Kilpatrick definitely made a good villain in his martial arts film. He always could play a sadistic killer or deranged fighter. This scene in Death Warrant is a real all out brawl. A saw, broken glass bottle, and a prison. What more could you want?

10. Expendables 2 Dream Fight

I think this scene was a dream fight for a lot of people. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Sylvester Stallone duke it out in an incredible fighting scene. I wish Van Damme was one of the good guys so he could take this fight, but it is scripted. Regardless of the outcome, it’s great to see Van Damme perform like this over the age of 50. This is such a great fight from Expendables 2.

What are some of your favorite Jean Claude Van Damme films and fight scenes? Drop a comment below!

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