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Keith Cooke as Sub Zero

Keith Cooke is a great stuntman and physical actor that’s played in some major Hollywood roles such as Reptile in Mortal Kombat, Unmasked Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat Annihilation, and Nobu in Beverly Hills Ninja. He started out being a top notch competitor and would eventually be in movies with some of his old martial arts buddies like Cynthia Rothrock. Here’s a short and sweet list of some of his action scenes.

1. Gary Daniels vs Keith Cooke

Cooke plays a character in Heatseeker named Chance O’Brien. He enters a kickboxing and goes up against cyborg-enhanced fighters in order to rescue his fiancee. It kind of reminds me of Bloodsport with the kickboxing nostalgia. Of course, when you have two incredible fighters such as Keith Cooke and Gary Daniels, you don’t need to daydream about fights from way back.

This is your classic 90s fighting scene with raw action and very little special effects. Daniels pulls through with good jabs, uppercuts, and back fists. Cooke hangs right in with an impressive array of kicks. Even though a few henchmen were holding guns in his wife’s face, he was able to break through the cyborg skin and take the match. Great scene!

2. The King of the Kickboxers

Cooke plays a young and talented fighter named Prang. Jake Donahue (Loren Avedon) plays a character who enhances Prang’s skills by teaching him how to nurture his gifts and street style into something a bit refined. This is a great kicking scene! What better than to have fast kicking with Cooke doing all the work?! Cooke has arguably some of the best kicks in the business. In every movie role, you’ll see Cooke come up with a trademark kick. You can clearly tell his dynamic arsenal comes from a wushu based discipline. This is one of the best 1 minute brawls I’ve seen in The King of the Kickboxers. Major kudos to Cooke.

3. Rothrock and Keith Cooke

You can never go wrong with an old school scene featuring Cynthia Rothrock. You got to love the cheesy dialogue and low budget effects of a B-list martial arts film! We all know that we watch these for the butt kicking action. There’s a lot definitely in this flic. Rothrock is business as usual when it comes to showing why she’s just as good as the guys. She sure does pack a mean punch and a kick! Also, we can’t forget about Cooke. That kick was outstanding! It’s just a true testament to Cooke’s prowess as a stuntman. He has great athletic ability in martial arts too. Get more of these great scenes while you watch China O’Brien.

4. Funny Brawl

Cooke plays a henchman named Nobu in Beverly Hills Ninja . It’s quite funny actually for a few reasons. Firstly, Robin Shou and Keith Cooke both play characters (Liu Kang and Unmasked Sub-Zero) in Mortal Kombat Annihilation just months after Beverly Hills Ninja was released. If you want to see the amazing fight between Unmasked Sub-Zero and Scorpion, check out my article.

Secondly, the missed kick between Nobu and his partner turned into an unfortunate nut shot. Thirdly, how did Chris Rock just drop in unexpectedly and at the right time? It was also funny how Farley knocked out Shou in a failed attempt to attack the money launderer, Tanley. This is by far one of the funniest and most enjoyable scenes in an action comedy movie. Also, it was fun to see Cooke play a less serious role. We all know him as the strong and silent kind of guy.

Overall, Cooke is definitely an underrated martial arts actor. My personal favorite scenes have to be his roles as Reptile and Unmasked Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat Annihilation. These are just a few staple roles he played to the tee. What are some of your favorite scenes from Cooke? Any scenes not mentioned here? Drop a comment below! We value your input!

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