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lady deathstrike X2

Of course, the tough guys bring a certain badness to your screen, but we cannot forget about the ladies. They are just as bad but better eye candy :). This beautiful woman and former Miss Hawaii winner, Kelly Hu, shows why she’s able to mix her beauty, seductiveness, and take no crap attitude in a number of roles. She’s had a diverse career in television and film roles such as Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, X-Men 2, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Hawaii Five-0 to name a few. Here are some of her top action sequences! Enjoy :).

1. Kelly Hu vs Scott Adkins

The Tournament is an interesting film that has a tournament concept where a set group of fighters from different background volunteer to participate in this crazy contest to the death. They are monitored with a small chip embedded in their skin so it’s easy to detect their whereabouts for the viewers and contestants to track each other. Think of Dead Or Alive but a lot less cheesy. This is quite an intense scene where we see Hu go straight beast mode on Adkins. It’s a nice fight and you can tell Hu worked a lot on her fighting. It’s one of her most solid action sequences.

2. Battle of Beautiful Ladies

The movie had a lot of good stars in the flick but this was a pretty cool chick fight. We have two gorgeous women, Gabrielle Union and Ms. Hu, in a fight to the end. It’s a bit refreshing to see Union in an action role especially with the Hawaiian beauty herself. We all know that with Hu’s fighting background she would take it in a real fight. However, this was a pretty hot scene in Cradle 2 The Grave. You can never go wrong with a hair grabbing, nail biting duel with the ladies. Sorry that you had to go out like that, Ms. Hu. You’re still #1 in my book!

3. Cobra Strike

The Scorpion King was not a bad flick at all, but looking at Kelly Hu as a sexy, half-naked sorceress named Cassandra was pretty hot. She happened to be “kidnapped” by Mathayus but soon returned after people became suspicious of the outcome of an ongoing campaign. Memnon had a feeling she lost her purity while being with Mathayus. The tale is that she loses her powers completely if she’s deflowered. Memnon creates a test with poisonous cobras in covered vases to see if she can predict where they are hidden. She actually grabs one and uses her magic against Memnon to create a diversion for Mathayus to attack. We later find the purity thing was a myth. A good one, too. Great scene from Ms. Hu.

4. Guns Blazing

Kelly Hu and Maggie Q stir up quite a scene in this crazy bout. You have two dangerous women going at it in some great long and short range gun play to start the scene off. Then these two ladies go in an incredible fight. Good close range combat, stunt work, and choreography. I love when two female martial artists can get just as rowdy as the guys and still keep a sense of grace. These two duke it out again in the action packed CW series, Arrow. Overall, you gotta love how well these ladies work together on screen.

5. Lady Deathstrike vs Wolverine

This is by far one of the best scenes of X-Men 2. Wolverine is looking for answers of his past life, why his bones are made of adamantium (a fictional metal that’s the strongest of all metals), and why he has amnesia. As he finds Colonel William Stryker in an underground laboratory, Wolverine sees Stryker making adamantium. Wolverine is not the only one that has adamantium in his blood. Stryker has found another subject Yuriko aka Lady Deathstrike (Hu) who could withstand the injection due to her healing prowess such as Wolverine’s ability. This was a good scene because she has healing powers, fighting/animal instincts, and adamantium claws that made it a back and forth fight we enjoyed. The stunt work, fighting, and timing were great in this scene.

6. Kicking Butt While Rocking Leather

If you were a fan of primetime TV from 1998-2000, chances are you watched Martial Law. With an all-star cast such as Sammo Hung and Arsenio Hall, this was a great Saturday show to watch on CBS. This is a cool set of clips with Hu rocking some nice 90s style leather outfits. You remember those days? She styles the leather well especially in her fights in this great series. My favorite scene is where she’s at the pool hall and manhandles some guys that pick on her. She even gives a guy a good thrashing with a pool stick. Way to own the competition, Kelly.

7. China White

What a great fight from Arrow, which is based off DC Comics’ Green Arrow. Hu plays a very cool and seductive villain named China White. She’s an assassin with the Chinese Mafia that sports a white wig and a nice set of stylish clothes. She’s quite the formidable martial artist as shown in this scene. It’s pretty cool to see Kelly Hu play a villain again and shows off an entirely new dimension to her. Although she didn’t know much about her character, she stepped up to the role and made it her own. I hope we see more of her as the series progresses.

8. Blooper Reel

It’s always fun to see how many takes an actor tries to finish a particular scene. This is a nice break from all the seriousness as you see Hu stumble through her lines, some action scenes and a few stunts. It’s always good to have a bit of humor especially on a show such as Martial Law that has a bit of a serious tone. Watch and get some good laughs from the bloopers below!

At the age of 45, Hu continues to play great roles, whether it’s a super villain, a cop, or your sexy assassin. With great screen presence, a bad ass attitude, and a killer body to match; she’s not going anywhere for quite some time. What are some of your favorite roles from Ms. Hu? Leave a comment below!

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