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bruce lee pushup demonstration

Martial arts does not only consist of defending yourself or becoming a better person in mind, body, and spirit. On the flip side, it makes for great entertainment. Martial arts demos show a lot of hard work, character, and persistence with your dedication to the art. Sometimes, it can even inspire spectators to become involved in martial arts and it positively impacts their lives.

There some classic demos that show off incredible new feats and some that keep the foundation and tradition alive for the future. We need the old and new to help elevate yet keep the essence of the art. Here are 7 great martial arts demos that show great fundamentals, tricks, and acrobatics:

1. Ernie Reyes’ West Coast Demo Team

Since the 80s, Ernie Reyes Sr. has been known to put on incredible demos and showcases that have a bit of everything under the sun. I feel he honestly set the bar when it came to creating a full fledged demo. In fact, this is how he and his son, Ernie Reyes Jr., got discovered and into the acting business.

You’ll see great teamwork, great combinations, weapons, forms, tricks, and flips. This group of young to adult people really put together well synchronized shows and you can tell they put in a lot of hard work. Take a look and enjoy:

2. Demo Nunchaku

This is actually one of the nunchaku groups out of France that’s well renowned for great weapon skills. It shows a bit of kata, combat, and freestyle. It’s not an all out dynamic performance but it does show great teamwork, skill, and great form. I love the control showed when one of the guys uses the nunchakus as a breaking technique. It’s also a nice touch to see them take turns and pass around one pair of nunchakus. The type of controlled katas and the teamwork shows great unity.

3. Dan Inosanto Kali Demo

There’s a reason why this guy has an incredible reputation. Besides the fact that he’s one of the few authorized to teach Jeet Kune Do, he was also the one that showed Bruce Lee the ropes on nunchakus and Kali. Inosanto is a living legend that has tremendous respect in the martial arts community.

This is a great demo showing the power and practicality of the Filipino martial art, Kali. He moves as if he’s barely over 30. Gosh, I want to be in that kind of shape when I’m in my mid 70s. What I love most is he carries himself with a lot of confidence but has no ego. His humility and genuine love for the art makes him approachable. Great clip overall.

4. Bruce Lee One Inch Punch

This is a classic moment showing the physical feat of Bruce Lee as he really trained his body as a deadly weapon. Due to his training, conditioning, eating, and martial arts, he was able to reach a level some would call superhuman. This clip shows some good footage of Lee showing his one inch, which is a great measure of power and energy targeted to one spot an inch away from the body.

The fact that he could push someone off a few feet from that type of move is incredible. It all shows how he could one handed finger tip pushups and the power of his menacing sidekick. This is a bad ass clip that you want to watch.

5. Mike Chaturantabut Kamas Demo

I’ve been following this guy ever since he played Wizard on WMAC Masters. He always had a certain edge about him that was really nice. Yes, he has his forms correct but takes it to another level and a bit of a different direction. It’s no wonder why he developed Extreme Martial Arts. This clip shows off Mike Chat’s excellent skills with kamas. He does a great kata along with some stellar looking kicks. This is a great and dynamic clip. There’s no wonder why he was able to train Taylor Lautner and Jaden Smith for their movie roles. Can’t forget he was also the blue ranger in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

6. Richard Branden, Open Forms

Branden was also a character in WMAC Masters called Yin Yang Man. He did stunt work for Power Rangers, but was renowned for being quite the tournament competitor. He’s great at Wushu and general Chinese martial arts. In this demo, he has a dynamic and stylistic approach to his forms that really takes to the judges. This was also incredible because he performed shortly after suffering an injury doing a stunt on Power Rangers.

7. Drunken Fist

I’ve seen drunken fist a number of times, but this is a bit different. I have to say this is some really great character to go with the drunken fist and it adds a lot of comedy and humor. I love the fact that’s very fluid to the point that his body looks almost foreign to Earth. He has a great mix of practicing forms right down to drunken style which keeps things interesting. I think refreshing to think of the performance aspect with the actual martial art. Great work here.

Martial arts demos show a lot of showmanship and give the audience a taste of the foundation and dynamics of the arts. What are some of your favorite demos? Do you prefer a specific style or weapon? Also, are you more into acrobatics and creativity or forms and structure? Drop some input below!

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