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Michael Chaturantabut, better known as Mike Chat, is a well known martial artist and stuntman. In the 90s, he made a name for himself not only as a great performer and competitor in martial arts, but he had key roles in a few popular TV series that only helped to show what he could do on screen. With roles such as Wizard in WMAC Masters and Chad Lee in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, he only grew more popular with his impressive array of stunts and foundation in martial arts. He was quickly spreading a more trick/showmanship style called Xtreme Martial Arts. Let’s take a look at some great scenes from Mike Chat:

1. Quan Chi

This was a solid episode of Mortal Kombat: Konquest in which a sorcerer named Quan Chi sets up a strategy where Kung Lao is obsessed with rage, Siro is a drunkard, and Taja becomes a thief again. This was a plot to eventually set them up for dishonor so when they perished they would end up in the Netherrealm. This is a place where Quan Chi has dominion over and can capture their souls. At the last minute, Kung Lao channels his rage into defeating Quan Chi. Mike Chat is the stunt double for Kung Lao and puts on a good display of fighting and stunt work. This was a great scene from Mortal Kombat: Konquest.

2. Rain vs Kung Lao

This was another good scene from Mortal Kombat: Konquest. The plan was to find a way to supersede the rules of Mortal Kombat. Pretty much Earthrealm’s portal was supposed to be safe from Outworld invasion until the next tournament. However, Shao Kahn sent over a furious fighter such as Rain to weaken Kung Lao so Mileena (Princess Kitana’s clone) can finish him off with poison. It was all going well until the real Kitana showed up and handled business. The fight between Rain and Kung Lao was a very dynamic fight. Great use of aerial moves and choreography by Mike Chat.

3. Unholy Alliance

Shang Tsung and Quan Chi joining up was definitely a highlight of Mortal Kombat: Konquest. The plan was to trap Kung Lao in a dream world for 24 hours. Quan Chi was supposed to take out Kung Lao while Shang Tsung would teach Quan Chi how to take souls. This was the perfect world for Kung Lao because his late girlfriend, Jen, was in the realm.

He was also was finally accepted by her father, a barren of imported goods. Quan Chi was keeping Taja and Siro at bay while Shang Tsung was focused on trapping Kung Lao. When Quan Chi found out that Shang Tsung was not holding his end of the bargain, he helped Taja and Siro get in the realm and lead Kung Lao out. Of course, Kung Lao had to throw down on a few guards. As usual, Mike Chat is the perfect double showing a great array of skills against these guards.

4. The Story of Wizard

The introduction of Wizard in WMAC Masters was one of Mike Chat’s first roles. Warlock was Wizard’s half brother. Warlock revealed that Wizard was a part of Jakido (a secret martial arts organization that was pretty much anti-WMAC). This episode pretty much set the tone for season 2 of WMAC Masters. Wizard goes up against Tiger Claw in a close match but pulls off the win. It was great to see Mike Chat show off excellent stunts and dynamic kicks. Great scene.

5. Battle of the Brothers

This is the continuation of the first part. Warlock wanted to squash the secret of his involvement with Jakido. He knew that Wizard would probably squeal so set up an ambush with some Jakido members disguised as ninjas from the WMAC academy. This was a great fight showing the chemistry of both fighters as if they were real life brothers.

Wizard is too much of a match for Warlock so the Jakido members gang up on Wizard. Tiger Claw comes to the rescue and saves Wizard just in the nick of time. You could really see how this show started to focus on plot and the dynamics more than just choreography. It was a well put together scene in WMAC Masters.

6. Lightspeed

This is a very interesting scenario. Most of the actors on WMAC Masters were stuntmen on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers then starred in WMAC. However, Mike Chat became an actual ranger after his role on WMAC Masters. Mike Chat plays a character named Chad Lee, a dolphin trainer in the fictional city of Mariner Bay.

here was a huge change in Power Rangers towards 2000-2001 because more of the actors started to do their own stunts. Mike Chat was one of them as you can see in this impressive demo reel. You see martial arts, special effects, stunts, and even a cameo from Hien Nguyen (Tsunami in WMAC Masters and a former stuntman in Power Rangers).

7. Wicked Deodorant

One funny but cool commercial. This is a rare commercial where Mike Chat lives a regular day that happens to be not so normal. He’s fresh out the shower and attacked by a bunch of thugs all while getting dressed. He goes outside and gets attacked. He goes inside a cab and a fight starts. He cannot even sit down at his local restaurant and eat in peace. This culminates to one scene where he goes after an attractive lady and shows how he’s sweat resistant from using Rexona deodorant. I don’t know if he choreographed this commercial but it was pretty great. I love how he fights while trying to put on a complete outfit. Very creative.

Most recently, Mike Chat has been promoting his XMA brand with DVDs on his famous kamas kata, seminars, and camps. Also, he taught Taylor Lautner martial arts at a young age and helped guide him to black belt status. Not only that, he encouraged Lautner to pursue acting as a possible career. Mike Chat helped Lautner physically get ready for his role in The Twilight movies. I wonder what Mike Chat’s up to next? What are some of your favorite Mike Chat scenes? Drop a note below!

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