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If you compute the amount of time it takes for action stars like Bruce Lee to finish off their opponents in films, you’ll probably end up with an average of just a few seconds. In real life, the average is markedly higher than in movies. But that does not mean instant destruction never happens outside films.

In real life it is very possible get a knockout under 10 seconds with a well-placed power shot on an ill-prepared opponent. But there are a lot of confounding variables for these Fast Knockouts to ever occur. It is because of this that make the Fastest Knockouts extremely fun to watch and have a special place in the annals of MMA history.

1. Anthony Johnson vs Chad Reiner (13s)

Johnson did not disappoint with his debut in the UFC when he faced Chad Reiner. Prior to the bout Johnson was part of the Ultimate Fighter season 6 but was later pulled out. Going into the bout he replaced Steve Bruno on a week’s notice but apparently that worked to his advantage.

Johnson immediately opened with a flurry of punches. Reiner tried to suppress the onslaught by attempting for a clinch but could not handle Johnson’s relentlessness. On the 13 second mark Reiner succumbed to the punches and fell on the mat.

2. Johny Hendricks vs Jon Fitch (12s)

It’s a bit hard to see Fitch go down like he did at UFC 141. He was the number two guy during his prime, second only to GSP. Yet due to his rather slow and boring style he never quite made it to popularity proportional to his skills. People love finishers and that’s why there is much love for Johny Hendricks. It just took 12 seconds to wipe out Fitch. Fitch’s strength was he suppressed his opponent’s strength until he wins the decision. Unfortunately when faced with hard hitters like Hendricks, that rather conservative approach didn’t reward him in the end.

3. James Irvin vs Houston Alexander (8s)

James Irvin is known for ending fights suddenly even if he was losing. That talent of his came in full view during his fight with Houston Alexander at UFC Fight Night 13. At the 8 second mark Irvin released a perfectly executed superman punch that hit Houston on the jaw instantly knocking him out. Probably one of my favorite knockouts of all time. You can see the highlight reel in the first part of this video.

4. Ryan Jimmo vs Anthony Perosh (7s)

Ryan Jimmo was a successful fighter even before his UFC career started, amassing 1 loss out of 16 professional bouts. On UFC 161 on his UFC debut Jimmo made history tying with the fastest knock out in UFC history held by Todd Duffee. The moment Jimmo went inside striking range he executed a powerful overhand right that connected perfectly on Peroshi’s chin. Ending the fight at 7 seconds and making a note in the UFC records.  Plus he also has some sick robot dancing skills.

5. Todd Duffee vs Tim Hague (7s)

Before falling out of stardom Duffee was steam rolling the UFC heavyweight division. His first ever fight in the UFC was with Tim Hague. Hague was also a newcomer to the UFC having won his first fight with X previously. Todd was 4-0 when he arrived at the ufc and Tim was 10-1 giving him a slight advantage. Hague initially seemed like he was going for a right overhead but hesitated and instead settled for a left haymaker. At the moment Hague hesitated Duffee went in with a clean jab that rocked Hague. Duffee finished Hague on the ground with punches.

6. Hector Lombard vs Jay Silva (6.4 sec)

Unlike what most people say about body building messing up your striking, with Lombard it looks like its causing him no problem at all. You can say he’s more of the exception rather than the rule. Whatever the case is Lombard is one excellent striker. At Bellator 18 Lombard made history with the fastest K.O in the Bellator league. Lombard lunched forward with a one two and connected with both. Jay Silva immediately crashed into the mat.

7. Takanori Gomi vs Ralph Gracie (6s)

Back in the early days of mixed martial arts you didn’t need a crystal ball to know what a Gracie would do. Everybody knew they’ll try to take you down and submit you because that’s what they were good at. Takanori Gomi was no fool. At the start of the match when Gracie fired for a takedown (as expected) Gomi’s knee was all ready and waiting. Gomi kneed Gracie several times more when he was on the ground. This was to be the fastest knockout in Pride History.

8. Chan-Sung Jung vs Mark Hominick (6s)

There is a new rule in dealing with zombies along with double taps and seat belts, it is “keep your hands up”. Chan-Sung Jung and Mark Hominick fought at UFC 140 that saw another record set in UFC history. In just 7 seconds of the first round Jung countered with a straight right that landed flush on Mark Hominick’s face. Then Jung finished Hominick witha flurry of punches. The Korean Zombie now holds a perfect record in the UFC and is now top contender for the belt at the UFC featherweight division.

9. Liam Dooley VS Chris Green (3s)

Yes ladies and gents, the second to the top in this list of fastest knockouts happened in the amateur circuits. Liam Dooley and Chris Green met at Amateur-Cage Battles 5 and made what is considered the fastest knockout in British Amateur MMA. At the beginning of the round Dooley opened with a flurry of punches, Green answered back but got hit with a left hook that sent him to the canvas.

10. Ryohei Masuda vs Takahiro Kuroishi (2s)

The fastest KO ever recorded in a bout happened in 2009 at Rings – The Outsider 2. People didn’t know that Takahiro Kuroishi had a super experimental move planned for the fight. The move was called “cross-your-fingers-and-crash-your-face-into-opponent’s-knuckles”. Obviously he mastered the move.

When I was younger I always dreamed of finishing an opponent under 3 seconds. Over the years life has taught me something else about winning. You see most of these fighters when interviewed about their performance stated they were just as surprised as everyone else. Some of these fighters, though fought really well to make MMA history, are relatively “okay” in their careers, save for Hendricks and Jung. A take home from this list is that it’s not the one awesome moment that gets you on top, its the average to semi-awesome consistent wins that put you there and keep you there at number one.

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