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Ground and pound – a brutish name for a barbaric and highly effective method of finishing fights, one fighter sitting on top of a grounded fighter and striking away with bad intentions until they submit, are knocked unconcious or the referee stops the match.

Most of the MMA shows I have been to have had at least one or more of their fights stopped by ground and pound. People are much easier to submit after you pound their head into the ground, so it often leads to the end too. Even if you are blocking and defending shots, more are coming – your head is much less safe than when standing. When standing you can more easily ride a shot – by moving with it, you reduce the force and take the impace out; when you are on the ground, you really are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Here are 10 ground and pound videos from various levels of MMA competition.

1. Vicious Ground and Pound

This fighter really gets caught out. He’s holding his arms out too far while trying to defend, letting the punches slip right round and find his chin. This knockout shows the importance of having a referee there to stop the fight. I feel a few of those shots went in after the fight could have been stopped, but what if there was no referee at all?

2. Gina Carano vs. Laticia Persova

Don’t let anyone try and tell you that women are less aggressive or skillful as fighters – in my experience, they can be more aggressive and more skillful than most men! Gina Carano wins her debut pro fight with this flurry of accurate punches. Once it starts, ground and pound like this is almost impossible to stop.

3. Rampage Slams Arona

Normally, a slam alone would not make this list, but it’s Rampage’s sheer tenacity after the slam that gets him in. Rampage has always been known for powering out of positions, with his style matching his name. Here, he takes Arona from the ground and lifts him above his head before taking him into the ground like a dart. The resulting impact, the clash of heads, and the punches that follow are what brings this exciting bout to an end.

4. Ground and Pound Into Submission

This next ground and pound finish is pretty typical in many MMA bouts. The fighter, Jason Hoyer, on top keeps working to improve his position, while the fighter on his back is no longer working to improve his position, simply holding on for dear life. With good balance and some patience, Hoyer is able to open up the defence and start his ground and pound. In this situation the fighter on the bottom submits by tapping out – probably a very wise move.

5. Don’t Blink

This next fight starts at 1:48 but don’t look away, as it doesn’t last much longer! A great trip into a slam leaves the competition dazed and his head undefended, allowing a flurry of right hands to find their target, knocking him clean out. It’s always explosive when the entrance is longer than the fight!

6. Loud Ground and Pound!

Here, no time is wasted. A beautiful straight right finds it’s mark and drops the guy; before he can recover, the shots are raining down and he’s left stuck in the wrong side of mount position and clearly dazed from a punch that took him off his feet. Before he can recover and defend intelligently the referee rightly steps in, stopping the fight. You can literally hear the impact of the punches through the canvas.

7. Head Kick Then Ground and Pound

After taking his opponent down with a superb lead leg roundhouse, “Ill Will” Brooks seizes the win in this next match. He can see his kick land to the head, and instead of rushing to get a knockout, he controls his foe and keeps up constant pressure. The number of strikes and the different angles they are coming from make them too much to deal with, and eventually the referee must stop the fight.

8. Fast Ground and Pound Finish

Another ladies match, and this one is over fast! The bell goes and bam, the first right straight lands right on the button. The fight could have been stopped there, but she quickly regains balance on her hands and knees. Moments later the ground and pound begins – there is still no time to properly defend, the hard shots land, and the fight is over.

9. Ground and Pound Gas-Out

I chose this next video because it shows what can happen when a fighter goes too hard. People can get over-confident in the top position. They feel like the fight is pretty much over because their opponent is on the ground, but this is not always the case. If punches are nullified or strikes are missing, it can be exhausting. Here we see the top fighter punch himself out before being rolled onto his back, then ground and pound into defeat.

10. Ted Duffy Ground and Pound

I’m going to finish with a great ground and pound by Ted Duffy in the UFC. What I love about this finish is the jab that makes it all possible. Right from the start, Ted has better composure – look at the accuracy of that first punch. Less than a second later the ground and pound assault begins, resulting in a fast KO victory for Ted.

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