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In the show Sport Science, the Body Slam was registered as the most powerful move in the ENTIRE world of sports. Their subject was Quinton Rampage Jackson. He was given a dummy to test his slamming capabilities on and it generated force that was greater than that of tackling, punching or all the other high impact moves including being rammed by a car (That last bit sounds retarded to me).

You’ve seen Kevin Randleman’s Suplex on Fedor and Rampage’s destruction of Arona, now meet the rest of the family.

1. Bobb Sapp vs Big Nog

Bob Sapp is a walking mountain at 329lbs and standing at 6’5. On paper you would imagine him able to stop a bullet train or destroy an army with his bare hands. Alas numbers are the biggest fucking liars on Earth and Bob Sapp is proof of that. Okay but I’m going a bit off topic. Bob Sapp isn’t exactly fat, the guy is as muscled as a rhino (maybe as smart as one too). Antônio Nogueira probably felt as heavy as a little dumbbell to Sapp. In the opening of the first round Big Nog shot for a takedown. Bob Sapp picked him up and slammed him on the canvas repeatedly. Did Sapp win the fight? Do I mix my morning coffee with urine? The answer is no.

2. The Rampage Body Slam

Without MMA ever happening I think Rampage would have ended up a felon for life under multiple counts of rape and murder. But fortunately we don’t live in that branch of reality where along with that Ozzy Osbourne is a music teacher and Bill Gates is a broke bum.

Rampage’s Body Slams are so notorious that it got a segment on Sport Science and it was number one hardest hit in the entire sports world.

The guy analyzing Rampage’s impact couldn’t even look him in the eye. So funny!

Here’s Rampage in his natural environment doing what he does best… Breaking backs.

3. Tito Ortiz vs Evan Tanner

Talking about this fight is a bit difficult for me because it has Evan Tanner in it. If you don’t know who he is, Evan Tanner is one of the top dogs in the early years of the UFC after the Fertitta Brothers bought it. He was a former USWF champion and former UFC Middle Weight Champion. But he died during a camping trip in 2008. Worst part of it was Tanner was an incredible person outside the ring, setting up a foundation for disadvantaged kids. Ouch! That doesn’t take away the fact that Tito Ortiz’s title defense against Tanner was absolutely awesome. At the 32 second mark Tito Ortiz body slammed Tanner for a quick KO.

RIP Evan Tanner.

4. Sarah Kaufman vs Roxanne Modafferi

With MMA’s rise in popularity came with it growing demands for diversity. And that thirst was quelled when Women MMA fights started happening. Not everyone was optimistic though and that included Dana White but who can say women don’t belong in MMA after a fight such as Sarah Kaufman vs. Roxanne Modafferi? On the third round Kaufman used Modafferi’s arm bar attempt to pick her up and body slam her for the W.

5. Frank Shamrock vs Igor Zinoviev

Shamrock may have enjoyed acting like a goofball but he also enjoyed making goofballs out of his opponents. Case in point was his title defense at UFC 16. Frank Shamrock came from an era when wrestlers dominated the league. In UFC 16 Shamrock went looking for a takedown right off the bat. In just 22 seconds Shamrock found the opening when Zinoviev over committed to punches and totally slammed him. The impact was so strong it knocked Zinoviev out instantly.

6. Gerald Harris vs David Branch

Harris was a former comedian before going into MMA. After his successful first fight he went on to become champion in several fight leagues. His stint in the UFC came after calling in on a radio show where Dana White was a guest, Dana told him to call the main office to set a meeting. In his third straight win in the UFC Harris KO’d David Branch by slamming him to the ground. David Branch was a bjj black belt under Renzo Gracie. Barnch had Harris in a closed guard while they were standing but Harris felt like he wanted to slam things that day. The knockout earned Harris fight of night bonus of $75,000.

7. Remigijus Morkevicius vs Takumi Yano

This fight is one of those early bouts that still had experimental streaks. Takumi Yano was simply a grappler going into the fight against a full spectrum fighter in Remigijus Morkevicius. What was going through his head? I don’t know but I reckon he carried with him remnants from the dark ages of martial arts where people relied on styles rather than what works. But I still give him props for stepping in the ring though I doubt he knew exactly what he got himself into.

Fast Forward to 5:55 for the Body Slam.

8. Yusup Saadulaev vs Hideo Tokoro

I understand in Japan they have the sport called Sumo Wrestling and they also have some heavy weights over there but Asians in general and Japanese included are known for their small frames. Usually in MMA guys cut weight to make weight then get all that weight back. Sometimes losing as much as 30lbs. But in Asia most fighters walk around with the same weight they fight in. I’m pointing out this detail because when Saadulaev fought Tokoro, Saadulaev man handled Tokoro like he was made of paper.

9. Shintaro Ishiwatari VS Kazuhiro Ito

The slam that Shintaro Ishiwatari did to Kazuhiro Ito had to hurt. I don’t mean the others on the list didn’t but this one would have hurt before the loss of consciousness and I’m sure it still hurt days after the fight. The anatomy of the face is just very sensitive and this one by all definitions is a technical FACEPLANT. The move that backfired is called the head-scissors and it is an effective weapon but not all the time.

10. Carlos Newton vs Matt Hughes

If there was anyone who deserves to be in the UFC hall of fame it would be Matt Hughes. The fight that made him a champion was against Carlos Newton. In their fight Newton immediately caught Hughes in a tight triangle. As Hughes would later describe right about the moment he slammed Newton to the mat he was already losing consciousness. In fact after the knockout he needed a moment to realize he had actually won the fight.

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