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They happen unexpectedly and in horrible ways. No, I’m not talking about car accidents, but close. I’m talking about the sickest knockouts in MMA. They are jaw breaking, career ending, brain damaging displays of bio-mechanical precision and they also make for some awsome high-light reel moments!

This article lists 10 of the Sickest KO’s in MMA.

1.Vitor Belfort vs Luke Rockhold

Ex-champ vs. Ex-champ could only mean an explosive fight and one sick knockout. That’s exactly what fans got at UFC on FX 8. Rockhold came in with only one loss in his entire career and trailing a 9 fight winning streak. Meanwhile Vitor Belfort was thinking how about he kicks his ass in. In the first round, in front of thousands of fellow Brazilians, Vitor executed a perfect spinning heel kick that ended the match. This puts him in a very favorable spot for another shot at the title.

2. Cung Le vs Rich Franklin

When Cung Le broke down from Wanderalai Silva’s onslaught I had the feeling Le was either passed his prime or couldn’t deal with a heavy slugger. I was fucking wrong! At UFC on Fuel main event Cung Le lunged at Franklin out of nowhere and landed a hook that made Franklin look like he was saying “Alrighty then” as he kissed the canvas, just plain sick. That night in Macau hundreds of animals in the streets started howling for their fallen Pet Detective.

3. Johny Hendricks vs Martin Kampmann

Kampmann was gone the instant Hendricks touched his chin. At around the 40 second mark Hendricks went for a 1, 2 combo and landed a left hook on Kampmann’s very soul. Kampmann was jumping up and down in front of Hendricks. How can you move away when your feet are off the ground? Hendricks knew this and launched his attack at the right moment. You could see Kampmann just drop to the floor as his head slammed against the canvas. This fight earned him his third Knockout of the Night award.

4. Travis Browne vs. Stefan Struve

Travis Browne may seem unassuming until he starts unleashing power punches from Hell. One of which was on full display on UFC 130. He had been making waves in the Heavy Weight division with his impressive finishes when he faced Stefan Struve at UFC 130. It was late in the first round and the two had been exchanging blows equally. But on the 4 min mark Travis heard his mom calling and decided to throw a fantastic Superman punch. He didn’t want to be late for dinner.

5. Stefan Struve vs Mark Hunt

Someone should check if Mark Hunt’s hands are made of concrete. Slightly at a disadvantage during the UFC on Fuel event, Mark Hunt slugged his way to a victory by slamming Struve’s face with a piece of a highway. Struve and Hunt battled through 3 rounds of a slug fest when finally Hunt connected with a hook that not only knocked Struve out but also broke his jaw. The win earned Hunt Fight of the Night awards.

6. Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim

Edson Barboza was a good fighter but until UFC 142 we didn’t know he was godlike! Probably the best spinning heel kick in MMA history. Edson Barboza was up against an excellent fighter Terry Etim. On the third round of a seemingly uneventful match Barboza executed a spinning kick that landed precisely on Terry’s face. Terry froze with his hands in the air like a statue and then landed violently on the mat.

7. King Mo Lawal vs. Seth Petruzelli

There was a lot of hype surrounding King Mo vs Seth Petruzelli match up during Bellator 90. Well there’s always hype around King Mo period. But this time it was special since King Mo needed to avenge his upset loss from Emanuel Newton’s spinning back fist. At the same time Seth Petruzelli was doing a lot of trash talking before the fight. In the first round King Mo landed a sick power bomb on Petruzelli. His legs straightened immediately on impact, a symptom of a concussion. The hit won the fight and retired Petruzelli.

8. Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez I

It was just an instant when Cain dropped immediately to the floor after catching the JDS’s explosive overhand punch. Cain is a tough fighter. But Junior dos Santos couldn’t care less about all of that when they met the first time in UFC 155. JDS stepped in and knocked him out in the first minute. The fight earned JDS his 3rd Fight of the Night award and his right hand the title of Champion slayer.


9. Ross Pearson vs Randy Couture

Randy Couture probably got a scolding from his wife when he let their son fight in the UFC. It could have been any opponent but the matchmakers had to choose Ross Pearson. Pearson became the one man welcoming committee for MMA Legend Randy Couture’s son, Ryan Couture. At least Ryan survived until the 2nd round at which point he succumb to the punches and finally went down. Was it a mismatch? Maybe. Randy Couture and Dana White were not in good terms surrounding the fight and the match with Pearson was perhaps Dana White feeding Couture to the wolves.


10. Lyoto Machida vs Ryan Bader

Machida showed his fans why he deserves another title shot when he faced Ryan Bader at UFC on fox 4. The Karate Kid dominated the young power puncher Bader with perfect technique and cage control. Bader ran to Machida seemingly with the intent to land a KO. But due to Machida’s excellent foot work, he lounged forward to evade Bader’s punch and unleashed a short powerful hook. This sealed the deal and put Machida closer to another shot at the title.

Things are looking bright in the MMA world with Sick KO’s happening left and right.

Which future fights are you guys interested in and think could end in a Sick KO?

Hendricks vs GSP anyone?

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