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Robin Shou is a great martial artist and a solid actor that can play the ultimate video game hero, villain, or just your playboy in a dapper suit while ripping your face off. With over 25 years in the film industry, we’ve seen him as Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat, Gen in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, and even a crazy pirate in DOA: Dead or Alive. Here is a list of 7 action scenes you may have seen, forgotten, or never knew existed:

1. Robin Shou vs David Wu

This is a very action packed fight in Tiger Cage 2 with Robin Shou and David Wu. Shou plays a gang leader named Waise Chow and Wu plays an ex-gang member named David. Chow seeks revenge for David leaving the gang and takes it to him brutally. We have a classic 80s style fight on our hands – raw fighting and great stunt work. This type of scene makes you really appreciate the concept of “less is more” when it comes to the punches and kicks. This is the perfect movie to watch while eating a nice plate of takeout food on a Friday evening. Great work from both actors.

2. Robin Shou vs Hakim “The Machine” Alston

I’ve already written an article on Mortal Kombat, but I purposely left out this scene to go into a bit more detail. Shou plays a shaolin warrior named Liu Kang and seeks revenge against Shang Tsung, a sorcerer that killed his brother. This is Liu Kang’s first solo fight in Mortal Kombat. What’s interesting to note is Alston played in WMAC Masters right after this movie. Also, he had a part in the live action Mortal Kombat tour, which was to help promote the MKIII game and the Mortal Kombat movie. This was a great scene showing good weapon technique and the fight that proved Liu Kang was ready for the tournament. Also, it was a cold scene where Alston’s character had his soul taken away by Shang Tsung.

3. Pirate Brothers

This is a pretty interesting fight where Shou plays an orphan named Sunny. He joins a gang after losing his brother to the same gang he joins. Before he joined the gang, he was part of an orphanage and befriended a guy named Verdy (Verdy Bhawanta). Verdy is eventually adopted by a wealthy family. The gang is after Verdy long after he becomes rich and successful. The purpose was not for monetary gain, but taking out Verdy solely for his suffering. Verdy was like a brother to Sunny and they protected each other. This fight shows great teamwork between both Shou and Bhawanta. Between the weapon work, the stunts, and the fact that the brothers held their own against a gang, this fight deserves major kudos.

4. Suited and Booted

Shou goes in on Hard to Kill all while fully suited. This 5 minute clip is not one to overlook. Shou shows some really dynamic moves such as spin kicks, 540 tornado kicks, and fast kicking choreography you don’t really see in films. Also, the scene cuts to the fight with Yukari Oshima holding her own in a fight. She does good stunts and staff work in this fighting scene. Great fight overall.

5. Liu Kang vs Ip Man

This is another fight from Tiger Cage 2 that’s short and sweet. However, it features both Robin Shou and Donnie Yen going toe to toe with each other in back to back punch combinations. It’s a treat to see a fight like this so early in both their careers. This was before they eventually made the transition into Hollywood cinema. It’s by far one of my favorites in an old school Hong Kong action film.

6. Hibachi Brawl

I think it was great seeing Shou play a less serious role with Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja . It was great to see the chemistry between Farley and Shou especially when it came to comedy. Shou was dressed as a businesswoman and Farley was a cook at the hibachi. All craziness broke loose when some gangsters crash the restaurant and both characters handle business in disguise. This was a well put together scene with Farley showing that two big fish can be wielded as a weapon. Also, Shou plays a woman with a mean punch. I’m sure this role is something Shou cherishes because he got to do it right before Farley’s unfortunate death. Awesome scene!

7. The Big Brother

This is special because it was Shou’s first film in Hong Kong action movies. It’s interesting because Shou lived in China and moved to the U.S at the age of 11. He received a degree in Civil Engineering from California State University and ended up finding roles in Hong Kong when he was there for vacation. This is a great flick for those that want to see Shou before his major American films. Of course, it’s always awesome to see him as a villain rather than a good guy. Witness the greatness of The Big Brother.

Robin Shou continues to take some interesting action roles. His last film was in Death Race 3: Inferno with industry veterans such as Luke Goss, Ving Rhames, and Danny Trejo. I wonder what’s next for the action star? When they do the reboot to the Mortal Kombat movie, I hope he’s cast as Liu Kang. I don’t think anyone can fulfill that role in the movies like Shou. What are some of your favorite Robin Shou films? Drop a comment below!

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