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1.)Badr Hari vs Stefan Leko 1:

Badr Hari is one of Glory’s top fighters in their heavyweight division. Badr is currently ranking #3. The Dutch Moroccan ‘Bad Boy’ is respected for his ferociously entertaining fighting style and notoriously newsworthy personal life. His fight record is a who’s who of heavyweight and superheavyweight royalty. Stefan Leko is a current German Super Heavyweight kickboxing champion. Leko has held numerous other titles from prestigious organizations. Five of which were with K-1. ‘Blitz’ (lightning) Leko has faced many of the fighters on this top ten list. Leko electrified the fans when he knocked out multiple times K-1 champion Peter Aerts. After a brief but unsuccessful attempt at MMA Leko returned to kickboxing versus rising star Badr Hari. Leko needed just 100 seconds to KO the trash talking Badr with a text book spinning back kick:

2.)Badr Hari vs Stefan Leko 2:

A few months after their first fight Leko and Badr met again in K-1 Tokyo. Both fighters were much more cautious in the first round than their previous fight. However, in the second round the pace picked up with both fighters becoming more aggressive. The fight finished with Hari attempting a spinning back kick to the body, missing, and quickly following up with Leko’s signature move: a spinning back kick which landed on Leko’s throat. Brutal:

3.) Peter Aerts vs Rob van Esdonk:

A legend on the K-1 scene, Peter Aerts was a KO king. His finishing rate of 75% is one of the highest in the sport and he is widely regarded as one of the world’s best heavyweight kickboxers. Famed for his high kick, earning him the title the ‘Dutch Lumberjack,’ his fight against fellow Dutchman Rob van Esdonk is a striking masterclass in finishing your opponent:

4.) Kaoklai Kaennorsing vs Mighty Mo:

Kaoklai is a multiple world champion Thaiboxer and Kickboxer. With over 200 professional fights the ‘Giant Killer’ is so skilled that he often competes with and defeats much larger opponents. He has fought in 4 weight divisions. Siala-Mou Siliga is a Samoan kickboxer, more affectionately known as ‘Mighty Mo’. He has brought his expertise to a range of martial arts including mma and bare knuckle boxing. Famed for his overhand right, it is expertly timed and counters by Kaoklai with a knockout head kick. Night night:

5.) Daniel Ghita vs Gokhan Saki:

Daniel Ghita, also known as ‘The Savage Samurai,’ is a Romanian kickboxer. At his best he ranked amongst the best in the world. A former bodyguard to the Romanian President, Ghita is known for his dangerous combination of speed and power. All but ten of his wins ended in knockouts. Gokhan Saki is Dutch-Turkish former kickboxer, having transitioned to MMA in 2017. This fighting powerhouse holds championships in both Glory and K-1. Having previously beaten Daniel in Tokyo in the K-1 tournament the rematch was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. The aggressive end came when Saki crumpled Ghita with a flurry of hooks to the head and body:

6.) Francois Ambang vs Raymond Daniels:

‘Bang Bang’ Ambang fights out of the USA but he was raised in Cameroon. He would meet his match in Raymond Daniels. Daniels is a lifelong martial artist who studied five disciplines for nearly 35 years. His style never fails to impress as he incorporates strikes from all backgrounds including a range of gravity defying and deadly kicks. Here he executes a two point 360 back kick to which Ambang had no answer:

7.) Giorgio Petrosyan vs Andy Ristie:

Giorgio Petroysan is nicknamed ‘The Surgeon’ for his accuracy and technical skills. From K-1 and Bellator to One Championship and Glory he has fought and won on the world’s brightest stages. The Armenian-Italian had a 42 win streak before he met his match in Ristie. Andy Ristie is a Suriname-Dutch kickboxer who had a much more obscure rise to fame and only half the fights. Although he is typically known for his knockout left hook, Ristie obliterated the Surgeon’s win streak with a ferocious left uppercut:

8.) Ernseto Hoost vs Jerome Le Banner:

A K-1 and Kickboxing Hall of Famer, Ernesto Hoost was the only fighter to ever hold World Champion titles in muay thai, kickboxing, full contact, savate and K-1. He even picked up 3 European Titles in a five week period. Hoost is an absolute legend. Jerome Le Banner is a French kickboxer and vicious knockout artist. He is K-1 legend as well. Fans knew sparks would fly during this match up as these two legends really love to go at it. They faced each other five times over the span of their careers. Having already fought twice before this fight for the K-1 Grand Prix Final fireworks would indeed fly as Banner knocked out the indignant Hoost:

9.) Bjorn Bregy vs Alexy Ignashov:

Alexy is a Muay Thai and K-1 champion. He has fought the best of the best. Known for his knees Alexi performs the left hook into right head kick technique to perfection. Bjorn, the Swiss ‘Rock,’ is a European and K-1 champ. However, he was no match for Alexi and his the beautiful head kick setup in this, their first matchup of 3:

10.) Mike Bernardo vs Andy Hug:

Mike Bernardo was a force to be reckoned with. He frequently overwhelmed his opponents with his powerful boxing skills. He had already beaten Andy twice in K-1 with both a KO and TKO. Andy Hug was a world class athlete having 13 gold gold medals in Karate before even entering the K-1 arena. In this fight Hug wins via TKO while demonstrating the effectiveness of using low kicks to chop away at an opponent’s will to continue the fight:

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