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The Matrix set a real precedent for Sci-Fi action films. It was way ahead of its time for its slow-mo shots, the type of choreography which was not seen in an American film, and the types of themes the movie tackled. Serious kudos to Yuen Woo Ping. The fighting scenes are just stellar and you can see a lot of movies these days take bits and pieces from this series. Here are some great moments:

1. Neo vs. Morpheus

This is of course a classic scene where Neo actually gets his first experience with a great knowledge of Martial Arts. After being fed a number of styles into his brain, he gets a bit cocky and this results in a lesson called humility. The more experienced warrior, Morpheus, easily defeats Neo without breaking a sweat. Talk about tough love. Great scene from The Matrix.

2. Neo vs. Seraph

This is a pretty awesome scene from The Matrix Reloaded. Neo and Seraph get into a nice fighting session on a few tables. Even if Neo is “The One”, you can tell that Seraph gave him a serious run for his money in this seemingly dead even match. Solid fighting and I love the use of stunt work.

3. The Chateau

What a great scene! Neo is the man by taking on these high caliber fighters and showing no contest. The stunts are great, the weapon work is beautiful, and the overall choreography – fantastic! It’s one of my personal favorites from The Matrix Reloaded.

4. Morpheus vs Twins

Morpheus shows why he’s still a force in this fight by holding his own with two twins. They are real illusionists with certain movements you can barely detect. Morpheus holds them off with his serious katana tactics in this short and sweet scene from The Matrix Reloaded.

5. The Smith Army

Wow. Intense! It’s not enough that there’s one Agent Smith to bother Neo. Now Smith has the power to duplicate himself and he’s created an insane army all programmed to take Neo out. Neo handles himself with nothing but his fists, feet, and a pole. There are some cool fighting moves, some epic angles, and he even takes flight when it gets a bit too hectic.

6. Neo vs Smith Subway Scene

This was a pivotal scene where you saw Neo really start to believe in his ability and his destiny. With the combination of slow and fast camera work and great fighting, this was an excellent scene from The Matrix.

7. Epic Gun Fight

Fighting and action scene wise, The Matrix Revolutions was not as exciting as The Matrix Reloaded. However, it did have a few gems. This was a pretty epic gun fight with some cool stunts, upside down shooting and more. Morpheus, Seraph, and Trinity show some great teamwork in this well put together action sequence.

8. Trinity Goes On A Wild Ride

This is a pretty cool scene. Morpheus starts by turning an SUV over with one hard slash from his katana. He takes aim and his gunfire causes the SUV to explode with the twins up in flames. Cut to Trinity and you see her riding a Ducati while being chased by cops. Very cool and suspenseful scene from The Matrix Reloaded.

9. Neo’s Enlightenment

Great scene when Neo’s brought back to life with a kiss from Trinity. He becomes enlightened and really believes in creating his own destiny. Agent Smith’s attacks become much slower and he’s even able to stop bullets. He is indeed “The One” from The Matrix.

10. A Part of The Matrix

Neo was stuck in a real bind in this climactic scene from The Matrix Revolutions. To submit or not to submit was the question. In a last minute effort, Neo became “The Matrix” and was able to overthrow Agent Smith.

This is still a great series with quality choreography, great CG (that still can be in top 10 by today’s standards), and very interesting underlying messages.

What were some of your favorite moments from The Matrix series?

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